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A year of new beginnings...

After working pretty solidly since drama school, I've hit my first full year of (almost) unemployment. It's a 'dry phase' as it's called, like accidental weather, with nothing much you can do about it. Casting for women is thin on the ground as it is, and with time, it gets exponentially worse. Guys, you are lucky, as ever. HOWEVER, I have not been idle. I used this year to have a good hard look at myself, my life choices, and what I wanted to do with the rest of it, and it turned out I had for some reason lost my vigour. I felt listless and cynical, despite having worked a lot, and I felt ungrateful for feeling that way. So I went to see a life coach lady who helped me get out of my rut, and I promptly founded my own theatre collective together with my actor friend and collegue, Imogen Daines. FORGE ( is still in the making, but I have a producer by my side, 3 highly useful and envigorating RnDs under my belt, and a bunch of organisations, artists and actors willing to support me on my journey. Life is suddenly exciting again, which is a real blessing. I thought I'd forgotten how to enjoy living, and that was a real shame.

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