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After giving birth to my child this was the first time back on stage - and it was a 6 month long tour around the UK's cities. From Blackpool to Kingston we delighted young and old, newbies to theatre and aficionados, to hear the story of Shona - a modern day Oliver Twist - and her struggle to save her Dad, be accepted in her new school, and get her own brand new phone in exchange for carrying a mysterious package.... County Lines meets Dickens in this fully live vocals Beatbox, hiphop and soul musical.  Directed by James Dacre for Northampton Royal & Derogate, written by Roy Williams OBE with music by Conrad Murray, Yaya Bey, and the cast.

Harry POTTER 2020

In 2019 I joined the legendary SFP team at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child London as a Ginny, McGonnagal and Umbridge cover and as a swing with 9 wigs made just for my head!

Berenice Small.jpg
Becoming Berenice - 2018

On my journey to start writing, adapting and directing my own work, I translated one of my favourite plays I was introduced to growing up in France, Berenice by Jean Racine from 1670. Once translated I adapted it with an international, multi-cultural team of amazing peers, supported by multiple London venues, previewing the show at Voila! Europe theatre festival in 2018. The translation as well as the adaptation and production were well received by packed out audiences and we were pick of the week for ICI Londres, the francophone culture magazine. For a trailer, mini-making-of-documentary and audience feedback, see the website or click the link below.

STAfford Shakespeare - 2017

Clare Prenton directed a beautiful, five-star, fully Scottish Macbeth by a real 11th century castle and 1000-strong outdoor audiences as part of the Stafford Shakespeare festival in 2018. It was a beautiful experience, especially getting to reconnect with my Scottish roots.

The National - 2015

I was honoured to work with both 'Sir Tom' and 'Sir Nick' in the opening show in the Dorfmann theatre at the National: 'The Hard Problem'. In this last play directed by Nick Hytner at the National as artistic director I played the joyful Julia, Pilates teacher and human sunshine, in Tom Stoppard's most recent creation.

The Globe - 2014/15

In summer 2014 I played Princess Joanne in Holy Warriors by David Eldrich, and opposing characters (coolly Roman Octavia and warmly Egyptian Iras) in Anthony & Cleopatra. Summer 2015 I was back to play the firy and rebellious Electra in a new adaptation by Rory Mullarkey, and also the lovelorn Marianna in Dominic Dromgoole's last play at the Globe, Measure for Measure.'

The RSC - 2013

It was a busy year when I played a dreadlocked Audrey in Maria Aberg's As You like It, sassy Marianna in Nancy Meckler's five star All's Well That Ends Well, and my professional stage debut alongside the charming David Fielder as grave digger two to his one, in David Farr's Hamlet with Jonathan Slinger. I also understudied two of the largest roles Shakespeare ever wrote for women, Rosalind in AYLI and Helena in All's Well. It was exhausting, but I learnt from the best and felt very lucky.


I played the defiant yet vulnerable Julia Flyte (sister of the infamous Sebastian) in an ETT (English Touring Theatre) / Theatre Royal York touring co-production in a new adaptation by Bryony Lavery, spring/summer 2016. We divided the house stritly into traditionalists and innovators, and celebrated this revival of a classic story with a diverse, cross gender cast.

Theatre 503 - 2012

In my first year I had immense fun creating Andreia, a Romanian immigrant girl, forced to live in a public toilet... It was a dreamy summer straight out of drama school, and I learnt how to play the accordian badly and how to swear in a real Romanian accent.

Professional Production Photos
Hamlet _2013_Keith Pattison _c_ RSC_41838
As You Like It _2013_Keith Pattison _c_ RSC_42118
Alls Well 2014 RSC Ellie Kurtz
Hamlet _2013_Keith Pattison _c_ RSC_41802
A&C Globe 2014
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