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 TheatreFORGE presents: Berenice

My Translation

I translated this beautiful classical French tragedy in five acts written by France's equivalent to Shakespeare, Jean Racine, in 1669, into 12-beat rhyming couplets respecting, as much as possible, the original rhythm and forward motion of the tragic story of a star crossed love triangle. Based on a regal, historical couple, it is the story of what might have happened if Romeo and Juliet had survived.


Artist in Residence @ Theatre Deli

In December 2016 Theatre Deli accepted me as an artist in residence for a week which gave me the space and time to workshop the translation with a few professional actors: Vivienne Gibbs, Cindy Armbruster, Sarah Twomey and Sarah Kenny.

Research @ Circumference Circus Theatre

I was joined by actress/ producer Imogen Daines and FORGE was born. A feminist theatre collective with a Eurocentric view of the world, and collaborative aspirations. Our first hosts were www.circumference.org , a circus theatre company in the heart of King's Cross. We explored the physical language of the play with help of basic aerial equipment and object transformation exercises. Invited Artists included Cindy-Jane Armbruster, Viv Gibbs and actor-musician Will Wolfe (-Hogan).

To hear more about this week please go to www.theatreforge.com

Script Workshop @ RADA Studios

Thanks to the generous support from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, dramaturg Lloyd Trott and head Ed kemp, we had a week's script workshop (with three hoops and a scarf) at Rada Studios. We were joined by Rebecca Scroggs, Pia de la Borde , Olivia Vinall and Alexandra Guelff. We also invited Lloyd and Rachel from Santosha Yoga Studio, who guided us through a warm-up yoga session, to watch our staged read-through at the end of the week.

Funding & Future Plans:

This autumn will involve one more research phase, an arts council application, finding a venue, and starting a crowd-funding page. Please go to

PHOTOS BY KATHERINE LEEDALE www.katherineleedale.com


I recently had the honour of performing at Hertingfordbury, at the Festival of Chichester and at Dartington Summer School Classical Music festival with Merit Ariane, www.meritariane.com, Jon Banks, and Nilufar Habibian as a harmony singing story-teller in Merit and Anna ....'s The Daughter of the Pomegranate Tree.

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